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i don’t know what to post

One of the number one questions about marketing that I get from my friends is, "what do I post?" They want to market their businesses online, but they have no idea what to say. I totally get it! Its hard to come up with ideas! You want to sound authentic and real, talk about your business, but you ... READ the POST

~GIVEAWAY~ Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Friends!! I cannot express to you how much I LOVED Leadershift by John C. Maxwell. If you follow me on my social media, you've probably seen me quote this book for a couple of weeks now. That's because pretty much everything in this book is PURE GOLD. Leadershift has such incredible insight. It's ... READ the POST

do you want to write a book?

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you have a story on your heart that you want to share with the world? That was me three years ago. I wanted to tell the story of a little girl who lost her Mom around a mysterious unsolved mystery. I wanted to live the story through the Mom’s perspective ... READ the POST

on self sabotage

Why is it, that even in our wins, self doubt will inevitably find us? Why do we self sabotage just when things start to go great?? ⠀ Y’all know I’ve been working hard, I’m trying to achieve big goals and dreams, but just when things are starting to fall together and my forward momentum to success ... READ the POST

because sometimes wisdom is hard to hear

“Because sometimes, wisdom is hard to hear.” — Ann Swindell I just started using the First Five App this week (thanks to my BFF for recommending it!) and one of the first lessons was on receiving God’s wisdom. Ann Swindell does an amazing job in this lesson and helped me to see criticism in a ... READ the POST

how i use self doubt

My story is picking up and I was able to knock out 2313 words this morning 🙌🏻 I’m going to be honest, I have a lot of self doubt when I write. I have to tell myself repeatedly “just get the words out, you can fix them later.” I tell myself over and over “don’t stop, keep going, just write.” And then ... READ the POST

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