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Coffee @ Tiffani’s February Fundraiser is scheduled!

I'm thrilled to announce Coffee @ Tiffani's February fundraiser campaign is scheduled to begin February 17, 2020. What is it?! Coffee @ Tiffani's has partnered with four women owned small businesses to bring you fun, quality, and empowering products to raise money for our charity, Dress for ... READ the POST

don’t quit before succeeding

How many times do you think about quitting on your dream? Or quitting your side hustle? Or the big changes your trying to create in your life? At least once a day?? Once an hour?? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ I struggle with this a lot friends. One thing will go wrong, or two days will go by without any wins, and ... READ the POST

new opportunity with tori belle cosmetics

The two best ways to empower women are 1. Get women together and let them share their stories, and 2. Help them become financially independent. At Coffee @ Tiffani's it's my mission to help empower women, and when a good friend of mine told me about this exploding + empowering opportunity, that ... READ the POST

Rachel Hollis Priority Planner Giveaway

I would love to GIVE YOU this Priority Planner by Rachel Hollis and The Start Today BrandπŸ‘ I was lucky enough to snag two priority planners πŸ™πŸ», and I know there are many people that didn't get a chance to get one. I've been using the Marble Priority Planner and I LOVE it! My favorite part is the ... READ the POST

Coffee @ Tiffani’s gives back to Dress for Success Austin

Coffee @ Tiffani's raised $300 to donate to Dress for Success Austin Coffee @ Tiffani's partnered with three women owned businesses in early October to launch their very first fundraiser campaign to raise money for toiletries and cosmetics for Dress for Success Austin. The fundraiser, which ... READ the POST

“For I know the plans I have for you.” Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you." Jeremiah 29:11When I discovered Sweet Water Decor mugs I was instantly in love! The messages on their mugs captured perfectly what I envisioned Coffee @ Tiffani's standing for - lifting up and empowering women.Take a look at this mug plus others at the Coffee @ ... READ the POST