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what is your plan when you feel discouraged?

It’s inevitable... At some point you’re going to feel discouraged in your pursuit of a better life. I feel discouraged at least four times a week! Maybe more! Someone will say something, or something will happen to me, or I’ll slip up and eat the damn cake...and then boom 💥 I feel discouraged and ... READ the POST

how alcohol stole my voice

"When we women can use our talent and energy, we begin to speak in our own voices, for our own values, and that makes everybody's life better." — Melinda Gates; The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World When I was struggling with alcohol addiction I was missing two key points in ... READ the POST

create your future

If I had read this quote one year ago I wouldn’t have understood it. How do you create your future?? But now, after a year of personal growth, lots of therapy, and laying off the wine, I understand that to create your future takes one thing: intention. When you can imagine your future self and ... READ the POST

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