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i don’t know what to post

One of the number one questions about marketing that I get from my friends is, "what do I post?" They want to market their businesses online, but they have no idea what to say. I totally get it! Its hard to come up with ideas! You want to sound authentic and real, talk about your business, but you ... READ the POST

bring positivity into your life

  I’ve made a lot of changes to my social media feed this past year...not only to what I post, but more importantly what I follow! For a long time I would scroll Instagram and Facebook and feel defeated, or not good enough. I was taking in too many images that made me feel worse about ... READ the POST

how to have time for marketing

Now that you've started a small business, the best way to grow it guessed it: MARKETING One of the struggles I hear all the time from my friends who own small businesses is they don't have time for marketing. Between running the business, taking care of the house, the family, and ALL THE ... READ the POST

your ideal customer avatar (ICA)

Before you can sell anything its crucial to know WHO you're selling to. This is where the idea of your Target Audience, or your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA), comes in. Your ICA is the single most important person in your business, well, besides you! When you start trying to sell anything online, if ... READ the POST