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“Did you miss me?” – Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween

We took the whole family to see the new Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween movie on my birthday Sunday. We were nervous to take the kids because the first Goosebumps movie was pretty scary. My three kids, ages 7-11, agreed that since it was Mom's birthday, they would brave the movie because they new ... READ the POST

“WE…are Venom.” – Venom Movie

We took our eleven year old and his friend to see Venom this weekend. I was a little worried it would be too scary for the boys, and I think they were a little nervous too. Some friends of mine had told me it wasn't too scary for their seven year old, so I felt confident they could make it ... READ the POST

“Everyone knows that the Smallfoot isn’t real.” – Smallfoot

We saw this movie as a family on Saturday night and we all really enjoyed it. My husband and I had mixed views going into it — he was expecting it to be the next Moana, and I was not expecting much. I think Smallfoot landed somewhere in the middle. It was most definitely not the next Moana, but I ... READ the POST

Movie List: October 2018

Movie List: October 2018 My must see films for October 2018: Venom October 5, 2018 Journalist Eddie Brock is trying to take down Carlton Drake, the notorious and brilliant founder of the Life Foundation. While investigating one of Drake's experiments, Eddie's body ... READ the POST

“You’ll see, things are quite different here.” – The House with a Clock in Its Walls

WOW! What a C R E E P Y movie! When we started seeing the previews for this movie, I thought it looked a little scary. In the trailer, the jack-o-lanterns come to life, and I have to admit, they are creepy. But I thought, I'm sure that is the worst thing in this movie, I'm sure that is the ... READ the POST