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on self sabotage

Why is it, that even in our wins, self doubt will inevitably find us? Why do we self sabotage just when things start to go great?? ⠀ Y’all know I’ve been working hard, I’m trying to achieve big goals and dreams, but just when things are starting to fall together and my forward momentum to success ... READ the POST

what you focus on expands

Have you ever noticed this? I remember when I was young all I wanted was a silver car. I dreamed of driving a silver car, I just loved them, and I saw them everywhere on the road. Everywhere I went with my parents I would spot every silver car. I thought everyone only drove silver cars because I ... READ the POST

why you need content marketing

So here you are - you've taken the step to start a business, congratulations! This is one of the toughest steps you can take and I'm so proud of you for saying YES to yourself and saying YES to your dreams! Now that you have this business, you need to know how to get yourself out there into this ... READ the POST