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waking up

I hear all the time that the most successful people wake up early. I used to hear that and think, "there is NO WAY I could ever do that!” I'm not a morning person AT ALL, and to wake up earlier than I need to sounded insane. Really, like crazy-town. I value my minutes of sleep as much as I value ... READ the POST

i don’t know what to post

One of the number one questions about marketing that I get from my friends is, "what do I post?" They want to market their businesses online, but they have no idea what to say. I totally get it! Its hard to come up with ideas! You want to sound authentic and real, talk about your business, but you ... READ the POST deals and steals for March 11th & 12th

I absolutely LOVE Like really, truly, can't get enough, LOVE Please tell me you have visited this amazing website??? Here are some must have deals for this week only! You have to shop the deals below within TWO days of this post or they will be gone. The deals don't last ... READ the POST

approval vs. support

Let’s not confuse approval with support friends... When you have a big crazy dream for your life, it’s easy to seek approval from your friends and family as validation for your goals. When they don’t understand, or approve of your idea, it’s easy to get discouraged and even give up. Instead of ... READ the POST

how to have time for marketing

Now that you've started a small business, the best way to grow it guessed it: MARKETING One of the struggles I hear all the time from my friends who own small businesses is they don't have time for marketing. Between running the business, taking care of the house, the family, and ALL THE ... READ the POST

who is the friend that you don’t want to let down?

I heard this quote today listening to John C. Maxwell's new book Leadershift and it got me thinking...Do you have someone that believes in you so much that you don’t want to let them down? For me, I can think of a lot of answers to that question...For one, my future self. My future self is counting ... READ the POST