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taking back my morning

If you follow me on this blog or my social media, you've probably seen me overhaul my morning routine over the past 6 months. I started with wanting to wake up early and practice gratitude. Once I mastered this, making my new wake time and gratitude routine a habit, I added in an additional 30 ... READ the POST

in a storm – ready for sunshine

Looking for sunshine like 👀☀️🙏🏻 I’ve been right in the middle of a ⛈ for weeks...nothing life threatening but just a lot of unscheduled wrenches 🔧 in our routine (sick kids, new puppy, new schools!)It’s hard to look forward sometimes when you’re right in the middle of a ⛈. I thought I was ready to ... READ the POST

maybe i should give up?

Does giving up ever cross your mind? Maybe you're trying to write a book, or you're trying to get your YouTube channel off the ground, or you're selling handmade products on Etsy. Maybe you're in direct sales, or you're starting a coaching business...whatever it is that you're trying to do, at some ... READ the POST

say yes to telling people about your business

"I'm just not good at the marketing part." Does this sound like you? I've been talking to my friends about marketing for a long time, and I wish I could say that everyone loves marketing and they find it's super fun and easy - but that's just not the case. At. All. What I mostly hear from my friends ... READ the POST

don’t give up because you slipped up

Your life doesn’t have to be based on your mistakes or your wrong choices. We’re all human and we’re going to mess up even though we know better - sometimes over and over again - but your ability to get back up and keep trying, despite being knocked down, is what’s going to get you where you want ... READ the POST

“The time is going to pass anyway.”

  “The time is going to pass anyway.” I was listening to Amy Porterfield's podcast interview with Rachel Hollis, and Rachel had such a good point that wrapped up what I’ve been thinking ALL week. “The time is going to pass anyway.” I had my one year therapy appointment yesterday and my ... READ the POST