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not everyone will understand your need for change

When you start making big changes in your life there are going to be people that don’t support you. Not everyone is going to understand your need for change. I’ve had to handle my share of eye rolls, and whispers, and questions, and oh c’mon’s. But at the end of the day, when I’m on my death bed, ... READ the POST

the only way to see change is to change

Doing the same things are always going to equal the same results. Period. If you want to see real change in your life, you HAVE TO start with MAKING A CHANGE. It can be anything — start small and start with one thing at a time. It’s not easy to change habits, believe me, I KNOW! But when you ... READ the POST

don’t make a small problem a big problem

I have a bad habit of taking a small problem and turning it into a global catastrophe...anyone else do this?!Let me play this out for you...say I write a blog post and no one reads it. Not only that, on the same day I forget to pick up new ballet shoes for my daughter and she’s disappointed...we can ... READ the POST

remember tomorrow

The person you’ll be tomorrow depends on the actions you’ll take today. This concept blew me away 🤯 when I was finally able to understand it. Living for tomorrow keeps me accountable today. If I want to publish a second novel then I need to write today. If I want to have a healthy strong body, I ... READ the POST

create a road-map to your best self

I knew I wanted to do better. I knew I wanted to live a better life. But I had NO IDEA what that meant or how to do it. For years I struggled with this thought of "doing better." I thought I needed to be happier. I thought I needed to be healthier, or make more money, or have more friends, or ... READ the POST