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say yes to telling people about your business

"I'm just not good at the marketing part." Does this sound like you? I've been talking to my friends about marketing for a long time, and I wish I could say that everyone loves marketing and they find it's super fun and easy - but that's just not the case. At. All. What I mostly hear from my friends ... READ the POST

how to have time for marketing

Now that you've started a small business, the best way to grow it guessed it: MARKETING One of the struggles I hear all the time from my friends who own small businesses is they don't have time for marketing. Between running the business, taking care of the house, the family, and ALL THE ... READ the POST

why you need content marketing

So here you are - you've taken the step to start a business, congratulations! This is one of the toughest steps you can take and I'm so proud of you for saying YES to yourself and saying YES to your dreams! Now that you have this business, you need to know how to get yourself out there into this ... READ the POST