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who is the friend that you don’t want to let down?

I heard this quote today listening to John C. Maxwell's new book Leadershift and it got me thinking...Do you have someone that believes in you so much that you don’t want to let them down? For me, I can think of a lot of answers to that question...For one, my future self. My future self is counting ... READ the POST

what you focus on expands

Have you ever noticed this? I remember when I was young all I wanted was a silver car. I dreamed of driving a silver car, I just loved them, and I saw them everywhere on the road. Everywhere I went with my parents I would spot every silver car. I thought everyone only drove silver cars because I ... READ the POST

envision your future self – looking ahead at January 2020

How often do you get to a new year and plan out where you want to be by the time the year is over? I can honestly say I've never done that before. Oh sure I'll set a New Year's Resolution like drink water, or get in shape, but those fade away as life takes over and they never actually ... READ the POST

staying on track through the holiday’s

It never fails...the Holiday's come quick and furious and I end up putting all of my goals on the back-burner. I've been blogging and writing for three years now, and if you look back at my productivity, it pretty much disappears over the Holiday's. As a Mom, my to-do list doubles, even triples, ... READ the POST