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well done good and faithful servant

I was listening to a podcast...seriously how many of your sentences start that way?! I was listening to the Rise podcast with Rachel Hollis and she quoted this scripture in regards to procrastinating. The word DONE is used, as in finished or completed. For the last year I’ve been faithfully ... READ the POST

when pain becomes your friend

Yes! So much yes! I saw this quote yesterday on Tony Robbins' Instagram feed and it spoke so much to me! I’ve definitely had those times in my life, especially when it came to drinking, when I said, “enough is enough!” All of the pain I had experienced from my addiction to alcohol became my ... READ the POST

failing means you’re trying

I’d rather fail a million times than never try once. I was recently at Rise Dallas and Rachel Hollis singled out a sweet mama in the front row who was upset because she already knew she’d fail at exercising when she got home. She’d failed so many times at healthy choices that she was defeated. But ... READ the POST

what is your plan when you feel discouraged?

It’s inevitable... At some point you’re going to feel discouraged in your pursuit of a better life. I feel discouraged at least four times a week! Maybe more! Someone will say something, or something will happen to me, or I’ll slip up and eat the damn cake...and then boom 💥 I feel discouraged and ... READ the POST

the only way to see change is to change

Doing the same things are always going to equal the same results. Period. If you want to see real change in your life, you HAVE TO start with MAKING A CHANGE. It can be anything — start small and start with one thing at a time. It’s not easy to change habits, believe me, I KNOW! But when you ... READ the POST

don’t make a small problem a big problem

I have a bad habit of taking a small problem and turning it into a global catastrophe...anyone else do this?!Let me play this out for you...say I write a blog post and no one reads it. Not only that, on the same day I forget to pick up new ballet shoes for my daughter and she’s disappointed...we can ... READ the POST

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