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live on purpose

You know that feeling when you’re pulled in so many directions, that you can only manage to do everything at half of your ability, so you feel like you’re failing at everything?! I used to live like that everyday! I ran myself to death never really completing anything and never making any ... READ the POST

ways to empower yourself

Ways to empower yourself: Take time to rest Take time to educate yourself Take time to pursue a passion Take time to set goals Take time for therapy Take time to get sober Take time to get organized Take time to exercise Take time to visit friends Take time to recharge Take time to ... READ the POST

well done good and faithful servant

I was listening to a podcast...seriously how many of your sentences start that way?! I was listening to the Rise podcast with Rachel Hollis and she quoted this scripture in regards to procrastinating. The word DONE is used, as in finished or completed. For the last year I’ve been faithfully ... READ the POST

what does it mean to empower a woman?

What does it mean to empower a woman? The definition of empower is this, “give (someone) the authority or power to do something.” When a woman is given the power to do something, then something else will follow. For example, the two beautiful women that made this top I’m wearing were empowered. ... READ the POST

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