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new favorites – the Tasty app

Have you seen the Goodful recipe videos on Facebook? They play short videos that show you how to make super delicious recipes in just minutes. (Here is the Link) Well, great news! They have compiled their wonderful recipes and videos into an all inclusive App called TASTY. This App does it all ... READ the POST

“You have all the magic you need.” – My Little Pony – The Movie

My daughter (age 7) and I finally got a chance to go see My Little Pony - The Movie. She was so excited, but I have to admit, I was not. Now don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my princess, and I LOVE movies, but I was not expecting much from the Pony Squad. I've seen the Friendship is ... READ the POST

“It’s okay, Lloyd, nobody’s parents are perfect.” – The LEGO Ninjago Movie

My middle son, now age 9, grew up a HUGE Ninjago fan. He had all of the LEGO sets, watched the whole series on TV, and we even had a Ninjago birthday party for him when he turned four. Our whole family loved Ninjago. So of course we rushed to theaters to see the new LEGO Ninjago movie. Maybe it's ... READ the POST

“Manners maketh man” – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out in theaters and I finally got a chance to see it earlier this week. If you haven't seen the first Kingsman movie, The Secret Service, I would advise you to watch it before seeing the second one. But only for context, because the sequel is So. Much. Better. With ... READ the POST

new life for my duncan phyfe

When we bought our house last year we got a new room we hadn't had before, a formal dining. I immediately started to consider all of my options when it came to the perfect dining room table. I searched all of the furniture stores for different styles, and types, and costs. None of them had the right ... READ the POST

“The racing world is changing.” – Cars 3

My two sons, now ages nine and ten, grew up with Disney Pixar's Cars franchise. We had all of the toys! The cars, the trucks, the tracks, the movies. It was no question that when we saw they were releasing Cars 3 this summer, we were excited. And when I say we, I am not referring to my six year ... READ the POST

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