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Marketing Coach Services

marketing coach services

Marketing is simple – it’s sharing what you love.

I believe anyone can be great at marketing. When you’re passionate about what you do, you want to tell everyone about it! Let me teach you some simple tricks and you’ll be rocking your marketing game in no time.

More clients? Yes please!

Ready to get started?? Shoot me an email here and let’s grab some coffee!

I offer three Digital Marketing Packages to make things easy, but can always customize to fit your specific needs.

Free Consultation and Strategy

Want to grab coffee?? Have an hour to spare? We can discuss your business, marketing hiccups, areas of need, ect. I can tell you easy steps to get you started in the right direction and show you some useful tools. Plus I LOVE coffee, LOL.

Hourly Rate Option: $50/hour

Ready for some real marketing action?? After our consultation, I’m happy to dive in and work on the areas we pinpointed to help propel your marketing strategy. I’ll also teach you steps you can take on your own to grow your marketing skills.

Instagram & Facebook: $50/week

Just need help with social media? No problem! For $50 a week I can schedule out one Instagram post per day and then repost it on Facebook with a few minor changes. Your Instagram feed will be on Brand, plus the content will be purposeful of growing your specific business.

Complete Digital Marketing Package: $100 Branding Session + $200/week

Want amazing results in ALL the marketing things, but don’t have time to lift a finger? No problem! I can literally do it ALL for ya!

This package includes the following: Complete Branding Session and image curation, Quarterly marketing campaigns, all content writing and planning, 1-3 Facebook and Instagram posts per day, 1 blog post per week, Pinterest SEO, and 1 email newsletter per week.

Ready to get started?? Shoot me an email here and let’s grab that coffee!

Marketing Resources

Have some spare time? Check out the articles I wrote on marketing right here on this website with useful information and outside resources.

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Let’s Talk Marketing

Read ONE Book

Seriously, READ THIS BOOK. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller is the single most important marketing book you’ll ever read. It’s a quick, easy read, and teaches you the fundamental concept of how to talk about your business so that people will want to work with you.

I use his strategy in ALL of my marketing content, and IT WORKS PEOPLE. Shop HERE on Amazon. It will change your business forever!

My Marketing Skills Include:

Digital Marketing on Facebook and Instagram including stories, Content Planning, Copywriting, Storybrand Marketing Strategy, Pinterest SEO and Tailwind, Image Curation and Design,, Email List creation and management using Mailchimp, Blog creation and management on, YouTube video creation and management, and Campaign creation. Author marketing services available including Goodreads, KDP Amazon, and Complete Book-Release marketing campaign. (Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing).

Want some examples of my marketing style? Check out my Instagram and Facebook. See an example Email Newsletter here.

Ready to get started?? Shoot me an email here and let’s grab that coffee! I can’t wait to work with you!!

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