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Brand Partnership

Become a Coffee @ Tiffani’s Brand Partner

one product * one campaign * one cause

At Coffee @ Tiffani’s we partner with brands to sell empowering lifestyle products to raise money for women’s empowerment charities.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Purchasing your products to stock and sell in our online store
  2. Partnering with you to sell the products first and then purchase what we sell second (ie. drop-shipping).

“At Coffee @ Tiffani’s we believe in empowering women at all levels.”

Do you sell a product plus want to give back to the women’s empowerment cause? Do you need some help with digital marketing, brand exposure, and growing your small business?

Work with Coffee @ Tiffani’s to create a campaign that can support you while giving back.

When I started Coffee @ Tiffani’s I had an idea that included supporting everything I loved. Women owned small business, marketing, supporting women’s empowerment charities, and beautiful lifestyle products. My idea was to join forces with a company just like yours to create a marketing strategy where we could sell lifestyle products and raise money for charity. This empowers you, the business owner, plus it empowers women in need.

We believe by supporting women in small business we can empower women at all levels.

How does a partnership work?

one product * one campaign * one cause

We pick an empowering product to sell in our online store. We decide if Coffee @ Tiffani’s will pre-purchase the product to stock and sell, or if we are going to partner together to sell first and purchase second (drop-shipping method).

Coffee @ Tiffani’s attains the product to use in creating the campaign. We take the pictures, design social media graphics, and learn more about you and your story. We put all of the documents and files into a shareable folder for you to use.

We pick our campaign dates and then launch the campaign marketing on all social media avenues. The launch will normally take place for a month time-frame and will include multiple small businesses. The money collected from sales is donated to the specified charity and results are shared with customers. Our goal is to donate 75% of our profit to the charity.

What we hope to create for you:

Brand exposure to new audiences / New paying customers / Increase your sales / Positive PR to your current customers by attaching your brand to a great cause / Amazing social media graphics and pretty pictures of your product / Marketing tips and tricks (email, Pinterest, Facebook Live) / Supporting your sisters in need / and So Much More

Send me an email and let’s collaborate.

Example product photos:

Groove Life Apple iWatch Band
Sweet Water Decor Mug
Top Crate Inspirational Tee

Let us know what questions you have. Let’s talk about a product and we can give you all of our ideas on how the campaign can work. We can purchase your product to stock and sell in our online store, or we can sell the product first and order what we sell second.

one product * one campaign * one cause

Here is what to expect when partnering with Coffee @ Tiffani’s

  • Professionalism
  • Friendly and efficient service
  • We care about people first and business second
  • We are here to make a difference in the lives of all women at all levels

CRM Campaign Details (Drop-Shipping Method)

  • Choose the products and determine wholesale pricing for Coffee @ Tiffani’s.
  • We schedule promotion dates:
    • The promotion can be for a set period of time or ongoing, but will always have a launch period of time (usually a month), where we promote the product.
  • Coffee @ Tiffani’s creates the campaign including:
    • Professional images of the product in use, social media graphics for Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest graphics, email campaign, video, your company story, and and any and all details that can help us raise awareness of your brand.
  • Launch the campaign including:
    • Featured Product on the front page of the Coffee @ Tiffani’s website, a Virtual Fundraiser one time event via the Coffee @ Tiffani’s Facebook Page, daily Social Media posts marketing the product, Pinterest Board campaign, Coffee @ Tiffani’s blog post featuring your company and products with direct links, Email campaign, dual marketship from your company promoting the CRM campaign and Coffee @ Tiffani’s via your social media pages.
  • The sales:
    • Orders are placed at Coffee @ Tiffani’s platform. You receive one order for the product at agreed upon purchase price. You ship the products as usual with included promotional postcard. All donations amounts are made and shared with you and customers.

Send us an email and let’s collaborate. There is no business too big or too small to give back. We are excited to work with you!

Grab some coffee and let’s get to work sis!

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