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new favorites – SERIAL (podcast season one)

I love it when people share their new favorite things with me. Recently, a good friend told me about a Podcast called SERIAL. With a dumbfounded look on my face I said, "What's a Podcast?" Sometimes I feel like I may live under a rock. Once she explained that I already have an app on my phone called ... READ the POST

Raven + Lilly – empowering women through design

I'm loving my new jute bag and recycled cotton journal from Raven + Lilly. Most of you have probably heard of this brand, but maybe you haven't. I hadn't heard of them until recently, and I was very impressed with their story. Raven + Lilly is a store that sells handmade jewelry, apparel, ... READ the POST

“There now, pretty baby”

Mary Kubica is one of my new favorite authors. I loved The Good Girl, and Pretty Baby is just as unnerving. The main character, Heidi Wood, is a mother and deeply committed to helping others. It is easy to relate to her caring for life. She even brings in stray cats, something I can definitely ... READ the POST

before you decorate – lookbook

Save yourself from endless trips to At Home, Kirklands, Homegoods; spending hours walking in circles trying to decorate your house. Have a plan and start with your home lookbook. When my husband and I moved into our new house last year, I was overwhelmed when I thought about decorating. For one, ... READ the POST

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