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i won’t let my anxiety rule my life

It can hit anywhere at anytime – anxiety attacks. All of the sudden I get light headed, my fingers tingle, my head spins to the left, and the blood drains from my body. I feel like I could pass out at any minute. Usually it hits when I’m not feeling well. A cold, indigestion, my blood sugar ... READ the POST

share your ideas with those you love

Find a partner that will smile at you while you pretend to drink coffee and challenge yourself to try new things   Having the support from my family has made all the difference in the world in pursing my dreams. They don’t always understand my crazy ideas, but they’ll get up at 8:00 AM on a ... READ the POST

let your work be seen

This time last year I was preparing to do one of the scariest things of my life – publish my first novel  Not only was I going to release my work into the world to be judged, I was releasing a story that was extremely personal to me. A story I had held close to my heart since I was just three ... READ the POST

act the way you want to feel

"Act the way you want to feel.” I just listened to the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis and Gretchen Rubin and they were talking about Gretchen’s practice of acting how she wants to feel. Do you want to feel energetic? Then act like you have energy. Do you want to feel friendliness? Then act ... READ the POST

changes coming for Pages & Lace

I started my blog Pages & Lace in October of 2015. It all started because I fell back in love with reading books, and I wanted to share my favorite books with my friends. I had the brilliant idea of taking beautiful pictures of my favorite books and writing reviews of them on my blog....little ... READ the POST

failing means you’re trying

I’d rather fail a million times than never try once. I was recently at Rise Dallas and Rachel Hollis singled out a sweet mama in the front row who was upset because she already knew she’d fail at exercising when she got home. She’d failed so many times at healthy choices that she was defeated. But ... READ the POST

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