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grow some confidence muscles

How often do you feel confident in your choices? Like...real confident?? For me, I always have seeds of doubt following me around causing me to second guess myself.The only time I feel really confident about my choices is when I'm doing something I KNOW is good for me. Like exercising, drinking my ... READ the POST

focus on what you can control

Sometimes knowing we can’t stay where we are is enough motivation to make big changes in our lives. However, when trying to make big changes in life it’s easy to get overwhelmed!You want all the things at once - better relationships, healthier lifestyle, stronger emotional health...but focusing on ... READ the POST

how to empower others

When other women, especially our daughters, see us doing the hard thing, it gives them permission to do it as well. This is how we empower others and this is how we change.We HAVE to try the hard things because it isn't only about US, it’s about THEM and it’s about the future of all women.When we ... READ the POST

what is your one thing?

What’s the one thing you come back to when you get off track? For me it’s water. I know if I drink three of these water bottles a day I’m getting the right amount of water for my body, and when I’m successful at drinking enough water it gives me confidence to build on.Life can get crazy, especially ... READ the POST

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