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become a priority in your life

So where do you fall on your priority scale?? If you’re anything like I used to be - I had myself way down on the bottom next to the house plants. I wanted everyone to be happy, well taken care of, thriving even!! — and then that meant I was doing a good job at being ME. In the meantime, I was ... READ the POST

14 habits holding you back from happiness

I recently finished listening to the audio book of How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t by Andrea Owen. So good! Andrea maps out fourteen simple habits that women do subconsciously that lead to unhappiness, discomfort, and basically feeling like crap all the time. Now, I've learned about each of ... READ the POST

you don’t have to be strong enough

Last night I attended my first big fundraiser event for the charity I love, Dress for Success Austin. I had BIG PLANS for this! See, Coffee @ Tiffani's sponsored a seat! My new little company was a sponsor and I had my name in the program and everything. I had big dreams of walking in and talking to ... READ the POST

Brene Brown and self love

Where are my Brené Brown fans? Brene was the first person that truly taught me what it looks like to have compassion for myself. Why is it we can be so nice to our friends, partners, and children - but then we say the nastiest things to ourselves!! Try to notice when you're having negative ... READ the POST

10 steps to start marketing your small business today

So you’ve started a small business, congratulations! You’ve taken one of the hardest steps in entrepreneurship. You said YES to yourself, YES to your dreams, and YES to business ownership. I am so proud of you! So what do you do now? How do you get customers? How do you get people to notice ... READ the POST