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“Focus on the day you’re in.”

I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who got completely off track in March of 2020. Don’t remember March of 2020? Well let me just remind you…That’s when our country got hit with the unprecedented event of a global pandemic. This is also when I “forgot” everything I was supposed to do for myself to stay healthy.

For example, I’m not supposed to eat gluten because of my thyroid condition…but when Covid hit, I decided that rule no longer applied to me and I could eat ALL the gluten I wanted. Another example, I know I need to stay connected to my friends and mentors…but when Covid hit I went into complete isolation. Another example, I know I need to read and write to stay connected with my thoughts and passions…but when Covid hit, I stopped reading and writing completely. And lastly, and the most important, I know I need to stay far away from wine. But, like all the other musts I threw out the window, I completely divulged in drinking as if it were never a problem for me.

Now, eleven months later, here I am wondering, “how the hell did I get here?” I’m having to start over, and pick up all the pieces of myself I threw away. But here’s the thing, I can’t be mad at myself. I can’t feel shame, or guilt, or disgust. No matter if there is a pandemic, or a tragedy, or a bad day, or another terrible thing that I can’t even imagine – there is a chance I’m going to slip. I’m human. I’m not perfect. I’m learning. I’m for sure going to make mistake after mistake for the rest of my life.

However, the most important thing to remember, is that it’s always possible to start over. God gives us this incredible chance to wake up on a new day and try again. Every day is a chance to do better. Every day can be day ONE.

I know some of you are out there starting over, just like me. Maybe it’s a new diet, or Dry January, or a new exercise routine, and I know this can be extremely overwhelming! I love this quote from Rachel Hollis’ last book, “Focus on the day you’re in.” Today is Tuesday – what can I do today? For me, I can not eat gluten today. I can stay away from wine today. I can write a blog post today. I can engage with friends today. I can rest today.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and the thought of staying 100% on track for the rest of my life only adds to my stress and anxiety for fear of slipping up again. But today, I can focus on the day I’m in, and so can you.


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