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don’t quit before succeeding

How many times do you think about quitting on your dream? Or quitting your side hustle? Or the big changes your trying to create in your life? At least once a day?? Once an hour?? ðŸ™‹â€â™€ï¸

I struggle with this a lot friends. One thing will go wrong, or two days will go by without any wins, and I’m ready to throw in the towel, and throw myself a pity party. Of course I haven’t quit yet – I’ve been working on my dream for about five years, and seriously – I haven’t made it…yet.

I hit a point the week before last where I was, no lie, sobbing on my couch, and holding my stomach, because my grief of not succeeding yet was so strong. It hurt. How many days can I be expected to work on my dream without succeeding? Forever??!!

I’ve never once, in five years, felt the temptation to quit so strongly that it hurt me physically. I decided to take a break and spent a few days not thinking about my goals, or my dream, and took some time for myself.

I came back the next week and decided to sit down and journal about WTH I’m doing, LOL. Should I quit? Should I keep going? And it was then…after that moment…that for the first time in five years, I had some BIG WINS for my business.

New people came into my life, out of nowhere!, and offered up amazing opportunities. Friends messaged me kind words about all the inspiration I’ve given them to chase their dreams. Another stranger messaged me about how I helped motivate her to make some changes in her life. And I had some real life sales and actually made some money, LOL.

I had the best week I’ve ever had, and I can FEEL momentum now in where I’m going. So wherever you are in your process of chasing something – please DON’T QUIT. Instead, have Faith, practice obedience over results, stay strong, be still, and KNOW. I won’t give up! You don’t give up!! We can do this together. â¤ï¸

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