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What does opportunity mean to you? For me, opportunity means I have the chance to create the life I desire. I was reading Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass, and she says that desires are given to us for a reason. The desires in your heart for your life are your deepest YOU. Not only that, but they are totally possible to achieve!

When I signed on to Tori Belle, I did it because of the opportunity it gave me to create the life I desired. I know that I can earn money selling a product that I love. I know that with that money I can be my most truest self – I can give back, I can keep Coffee @ Tiffani’s going, I can acquire for my family…the list goes on.

I also know that by offering this opportunity to other women, I can help empower them to create the life of their desires. It’s no question really, of course my answer was Yes.

We don’t always understand the opportunities that come our way. We can’t see the whole picture. But I’ll tell you this – I have met the most amazing ladies by being a part of this Tori Belle community. Not only that, I have new business opportunities for Coffee @ Tiffani’s because I said Yes!

So whatever opportunity is knocking at your door – please reconsider it! It might be a new job offer, a new friend, a meeting, or a new business – say yes and say yes to the life you desire! I’m with you friend!!

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