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stay consistent with your dream

Marie Forleo

What do you already do consistently? I know, I know – laundry!! But what do you do for YOU consistently? What are you doing for your dreams consistently??

Way back in 2015 I started creating digital content and I fell in love with creating content. I had no reason to create it, so I started a blog, and I’ve been consistently creating content for no reason for 5 years 🙋‍♀️ Five years of consistently doing the same thing, everyday, wondering WHY??

But let me tell you this – Now I can create content in my sleep!! Not only that, now I have TWO marketing clients that I’m creating content for. There is NO WAY I would be able to do that unless I had consistently created content for the past five years.

So whatever you’re doing sometimes…start doing it consistently and don’t let anyone tell you You are Crazy! Follow your heart, do the work for YOU, and keep going!! I promise it won’t be for nothing. I’m with you! ❤️

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