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new opportunity with tori belle cosmetics

The two best ways to empower women are 1. Get women together and let them share their stories, and 2. Help them become financially independent.

At Coffee @ Tiffani’s it’s my mission to help empower women, and when a good friend of mine told me about this exploding + empowering opportunity, that includes both of the best ways to empower women, I had to jump on it!!

What is it???? Lemme tell ya!! 🙋‍♀️

So we all know lashes and eyebrows are super on trend, but if you’re like me, you don’t have time to go to the lash studio for extensions. With this new product, all you wear is Magnetic Eyeliner and the Magnetic Lashes and they stay on your face 🤯 (I’ll post a video tutorial soon!)

This new business just started in June (it’s super new) and is exploding with opportunity!!

❤️ It provides women seeking financial independence with an opportunity to have the freedom and prosperity of their dreams!! ❤️

I’m so excited to bring this opportunity to my friends and to our empowering community! And because I believe so strongly in women coming together to lift each other up, I’m committed to donating 25% of any commissions I earn back to the women’s charities we support such as Dress for Success ATX. This is another way we can come together to help!

So who’s with me???? These are ways to get on board 👇

1. Join my team and create your own businesses opportunity!
2. Buy some lashes and try them for yourself!
3. Share this post with your friends and tell me, who do you know that would be interested in this opportunity?

Let’s do it together!! Thanks friends!! ❤️

Read more here 👉

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