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feeling all the new year pressure

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When the clock struck midnight and 2020 finally arrived all I could think was one thought – I’m going to be 40 this year 😫

That makes me like a legit GROWNUP ADULT. If I’m blessed enough to live until 80, that means half my life is over. That means I’m out of time. That means I’m too old to start new ideas and new dreams. That means…that means…that means…INSERT PANIC ATTACK. 😬

But here’s the deal…whether I sit in my closet for the next 40 years, or push myself to achieve greatness – either way the time will pass. And if it’s going to pass anyway, why shouldn’t I keep pushing myself toward new goals?

Yeah I can look back at time wasted, or I can take what I learned from all that growing up the past 40 years, and USE IT to my advantage.

If you’re feeling the pressure of a New Year, I’m with you girl. If you’re feeling the pressure of a New Decade I’m with you there too 😕 But let’s not use that pressure as an excuse to not live and grow.

If you’re up and breathing on this gift of a day, then together let’s stand up and make it count. I’m with you friend ❤️ ~quickly approaching 40 ✌🏻

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