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grow some confidence muscles

How often do you feel confident in your choices? Like…real confident?? For me, I always have seeds of doubt following me around causing me to second guess myself.

The only time I feel really confident about my choices is when I’m doing something I KNOW is good for me. Like exercising, drinking my water, resting, etc. BUT, the more I make these GOOD choices, the more my confidence grows in other areas of my life. When I feel good about taking care of myself, I use that confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try harder things.

It’s true, the more you use your confidence muscles, the more they grow. Try starting with ONE thing you know will be good for you and keep working on it. Once you tackle that goal, your confidence will grow and you can add more things on.

We all have confidence inside of us, we just need to practice using it!! I’m with you friend. ❤️

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