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focus on what you can control

Sometimes knowing we can’t stay where we are is enough motivation to make big changes in our lives. However, when trying to make big changes in life it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

You want all the things at once – better relationships, healthier lifestyle, stronger emotional health…but focusing on everything at once can seem daunting and impossible! It’s easy to get stressed and fall back into comfortable old habits because they are easy.

I love this advice from Trent Shelton…focus on what YOU can control. What can you control in this very moment? I’ll tell you what you can’t control — other people and the universe…you only have control over YOUR actions and feelings in this VERY moment.

If you want to make a change, what are you doing or not doing in THIS moment to instigate that change?

For me, this is especially helpful when I get overwhelmed about not wanting to drink wine…I can tell myself, “in this moment I’m not drinking.” It helps me to focus on what I can control in each moment verses stressing about forever.
Or I can tell myself, “in this moment I can control my mood and I’m choosing joy.”

Try not to stress about everything all at once. Trent says when we focus on what we can’t control, those things end up controlling us. So true!

Take each moment as it comes, focus on what you CAN control, and move forward. I’m with you friends! ❤️❤️

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