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what is your one thing?

What’s the one thing you come back to when you get off track? For me it’s water. I know if I drink three of these water bottles a day I’m getting the right amount of water for my body, and when I’m successful at drinking enough water it gives me confidence to build on.

Life can get crazy, especially this time of year! Pick one thing you know you can accomplish and make a promise to yourself you’ll do it no matter what!

Maybe it’s 8 hours of sleep, or exercising thirty mins a day, or daily gratitude, or no wine, or whatever…but pick something that will make you feel good and stick to it! Once you accomplish that goal for a few days you’ll have confidence to try adding in even more.

Let’s promise to take care of ourselves this season, even amidst the crazy 😜 what’s your one thing?? Tell me below!

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