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fear is a choice

fear is a choice

Trust me, I know what living in Fear is like. I used to be one of the most fearful people on the planet!

Fear is what fueled all of my anxiety, which eventually turned into panic attacks. It fueled my coping mechanisms, it fueled my sleepless nights.

Fear is strong.
Fear is controlling.
Fear is manipulating.

But mostly, Fear is a choice.

Our minds can control Fear. Just as you can choose to not go skydiving, you an choose to not be afraid. What I learned after years of battling fear, was that I always have the option to choose the opposite, FAITH.

Faith over Fear. Now, when I start to conjure up all kinds of Fear, I can stop myself, and repeat the words, Faith over Fear.

When you have Faith, it makes it really hard to be afraid. I chose to have Faith. Period.

So next time you begin to feel the physical pain of Fear growing in your belly (I know its dramatic but it really hurts right?!) – Stop and ask yourself to make a choice. Do you choose Fear in that moment, or do you choose Faith?

Let’s bring Fear out from the dark corners of our lives, and squash him with all kinds of beautiful and bright Faith. I’m with you friends. It’s your choice! ❤️❤️

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