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motivation to try something new

Need some motivation to try something new?? Try reading this quote by Jen Sincero.

I’m currently devouring her book, You are a Badass — and yes it’s freaking amazing and it’s make me feel like a total badass! 😆💪🏻

The ONLY way I was able to make changes in my life was to do things I’ve never done…these included waking up early, saying no to wine at dinner, writing down things I’m thankful for, having hard conversations, reading a book a week, going to therapy, drinking water, using my elliptical machine, doing YouTube videos…the list goes on FOREVER.

If you want changes in your life, you MUST doing things you’ve never done or NOTHING is ever going to change. Start with ONE small difference…one small change…and build on that.

I know it’s scary to try something new, but eventually you’ll reach a point where it’s too painful NOT to try something new. When doing the same things you’ve always done hurt more than trying the new things.

I’ve been there and I’m with you!! We can do this together! ❤️💪🏻

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