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Be kind to Yourself

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But above all else – be kind – to YOURSELF!

Here are some ways you can be kind to yourself today:

Sleeping 8 hours a night
Eating food that blesses your body
Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day
Exercising 30 mins a day
Making time for hobbies
Scheduling quality time with your partner
Hang out with your friends
Meditating and praying
Practicing gratitude each morning
Relaxing with hot tea
Feeling every emotion
Going to therapy

These are all things I added to my list of self care and it grows each day. If I don’t do even one of these things I start feeling off and I’m more likely to make bad choices such as eating bad, drinking too much wine, or overreacting to situations and losing my sh*t!

What ways are you kind to yourself? Add one in at a time and get started. We are worth it! Love you guys!

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