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when women are financially empowered everyone wins

The statistics show that when women earn money they are 90% likely to spend that money back on their children and family. When they do this, they are creating a better life for their family with things like healthcare, nutrition, school, and clothes. This has a ripple effect on the family, lifting up the children, and moving the family out of poverty or creating greater opportunities for success.
I believe this to be true on any socioeconomic level. Women who are starting a small business for extra income are also typically doing it for extra money for their families.
When women are exercising their right to financial independence everyone wins. That’s why I believe so much in charities like Dress for Success Austin. They help women find a job, or find a better job, and teach them how to manage their finances. Their work is changing the world. What do you feel about these statistics? Have you seen this yourself?

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