Welcome to Coffee @ Tiffani's

does that say coffee @ tiffani’s??

Does that say Coffee @ Tiffani’s? Yep!! Sure does!!
This new business of mine is starting to get some life y’all! So what in the world am I even doing?? That’s a really good question! LOL
Think of Coffee @ Tiffani’s like a virtual coffee shop for women. It’s a place full of women working together to lift each other up and make positive changes in their lives.
We’re going to start by selling empowering products created by women owned small businesses, and then donating profit from the sales back to women’s empowerment charities. This supports the small business owner, the customer, and women in need.
I believe when women come together we are an unstoppable force of good. Let’s use our power and support each other in a full circle of women fueled awesomeness. Who’s with me?!
Stay tuned for some big things! I’m working on a launch date of early to mid October. Read more on my website by following the link in my bio. Grab some coffee and let’s get to work friends! ☕️☕️☕️❤️❤️❤️

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