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do you have a fitness routine?

Do you have an exercise routine, habit, or practice?? Moving your body is essential to feeling your best! 💪🏻

Do you want to have more energy? – move your body
Do you want to feel less stressed? – move your body
Do you want to be able to handle the day and not lose your $hit!? – move your body!!

For me exercise is about being healthy, but more so about feeling good and having energy. I’d do anything for energy!! “A power plant doesn’t HAVE energy, it MAKES energy.”

I’ve learned that the easiest way to accomplish this is move your body 30 minutes a day.

This can be anything from walking to hardcore CrossFit, but you need to commit to just 30 minutes.

My goal is wake up 30 minutes early and do my elliptical machine and I want to do it for 30 days in a row to create a habit. So far I’ve made it 10 days and 7 days…but today I started over back to day 1.

It doesn’t have to be perfect and I know I’m going to slip up. The key is to keep trying again.

What is your exercise routine? Would you say you get to 30 mins each day? Have you found it helpful and why? Let us know below so we can help each other! 💪🏻❤️☕️

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