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comparison is the thief of joy

It seems like comparison is everywhere these days. From social media, to business, to school…and all it does is make you feel awful about yourself. I love this quote that I’ve heard a few different times, and I’m chanting to myself every chance I get.

Not only am I saying it to myself, but to my kids as well. — Just because someone gets A’s of everything and you don’t, it’s okay! What you’re not seeing is all the hard work that person put into getting those grades. Comparing yourself to them only steals any and all joy you may have.—

Instead of comparing try jumping straight into gratitude. “I’m so happy I have smart friends that get straight A’s!” “I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to challenge myself.” Gratitude and comparison DO NOT GET ALONG.

Have you heard this quote before? What things help you stay away from comparing and what do you tell your kids when they start comparing themselves to others?! Let me know cause I need some strategies to help them!

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