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I really needed to hear this today from Marie Forleo!

I’ve been working on starting *this* business for what feels like my whole life. All of my training, my passions, my strengths – are combined into one vision and it’s THIS business. But still, I’m hesitating.

I’ve developed the Website, I’ve taken business classes, I’ve learned digital marketing, I’ve created spreadsheets, I’ve ordered products, I’ve redone the Website…but still I hesitate.

I can’t seem to launch, and I know why — I’m afraid of the unknown and I’m afraid I’ll fail.

I’ve always been good at playing it safe, but this idea isn’t safe. I have to put myself out there (even more) and really go for it. And I have no idea what the outcome will be!

Thanks to people like Marie Forleo cheering me on, I’m going to keep going. I may “flail around” for a little while, as my husband put it, but I know I have to at least try! 🙈

What dream are you hesitating to start? What can you do today to get started? Let’s be brave together, I’m with you!

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