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when pain becomes your friend

tony robbins quotes

Yes! So much yes!

I saw this quote yesterday on Tony Robbins’ Instagram feed and it spoke so much to me!

I’ve definitely had those times in my life, especially when it came to drinking, when I said, “enough is enough!” All of the pain I had experienced from my addiction to alcohol became my motivation to change my life.

My pain became the one thing that was charging me forward with my recovery and journey to a better me.

The loneliness I felt while experiencing my pain became my hearts calling to share my story and help women know they are not alone.

If you’ve reach that moment in your life where you’re saying, “enough is enough,” then PAY ATTENTION. Listen to your heart, and dig deep into that pain and USE it.

That pain is a gift and if you can find the courage to befriend the pain, it will change your life!

Love you friends! ❤️❤️ I’m with you!

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