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what does it mean to empower a woman?

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What does it mean to empower a woman? The definition of empower is this, “give (someone) the authority or power to do something.”

When a woman is given the power to do something, then something else will follow. For example, the two beautiful women that made this top I’m wearing were empowered. They were empowered with an education, a skill, time, and support to not only create this top but to start a business selling the pattern to sew it. The money they make from selling this pattern can go toward their families and their community.

They’re selling this pattern to other sewest who will use it to make clothes for their families, or to employ other women who can sew to make money to support themselves.

These two women were empowered with opportunity and just by using it they are giving it back to others.

We all have a chance to empower not only ourselves but our sisters. Every time we use our power we are creating a chance to empower someone else. Use your power! Help your sisters to use theirs! And together we can change the world! I’m with you! ❤️

Check out the talented ladies making this top Blank Slate Patterns, Melly Sews, and Sweeter Than Cupcakes Blog Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you!

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