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live on purpose

live on purpose

You know that feeling when you’re pulled in so many directions, that you can only manage to do everything at half of your ability, so you feel like you’re failing at everything?!

I used to live like that everyday! I ran myself to death never really completing anything and never making any progress, just to wake up and do it again the next day.

Then…I decided enough was enough. I was able to start living on purpose. Or said another way, I was able to live with intention. I love what Ken Coleman said on the Rise Podcast. When you have purpose, your day is intentional, plus your giving back to the world as you live out your purpose.

How did I make these changes? It took a lot of therapy, books, and work, but it’s definitely doable! I’m sharing the Ten Practices to Create Positive Change in Your Life.

These are the my Top Ten, my game changers, and I want you to have them! Follow this link to see the Free Guide.

Start living on purpose and stop running yourself to death. If I can make these changes, then so can you, and that means Change is Possible.

Love you friends! ❤️

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