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“what if God made me this way for a reason?”

I’ve been running from my story and my true self for most of my life.

I never liked how I felt different than my friends. I didn’t understand my personality or how my story seemed messy and different than everyone else’s. I didn’t want to accept who I was, and so I hid from myself and I ran from my story.

I heard Rachel Hollis speaking about this same thing once, and she said one day she had a thought. “What if God made me this way for a reason?”

This resonated deeply with me. What if none of who I am is by accident and it’s all for His plan for my life?

My story has shaped me into the woman I am today. My personality, while it’s different than most, is what makes me unique. My big audacious ideas, my courage to be vulnerable, my type A, my need to achieve and create, my dreams of leading — all of these traits were given to me on purpose.

If I continue to run and hide from my story and who I really am, then I won’t be living out my God given purpose in this life.

And the alternative — running and hiding and going against the grain — only leaves me feeling empty and longing for something more.

But I’ve learned that when you embrace your quirks, and your past, and your strengths – when you’re obedient to God, miracles can happen in your life.

God DID make you this way for a reason. Your story is FOR you. Your heart’s desires are FOR you. It all fits together in His plan for your life.

Love yourself and how you were beautifully made. Let’s embrace ALL of ourselves and use everything we’ve been given to make this world a better place. I’m with you ❤️

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