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starting a b-word (business!)

Why the grin?! Because I’m doing it – like for real – I’m starting the B word…yes…a freaking real life BUSINESS. 🤗

I didn’t know it, but for the past year I’ve been in training. I’ve been saying YES to it all – anything that scared me – video, podcast, YouTube, photo shoots, vulnerability, dance classes, volunteering, marketing, waking up early, exercising – ALL THE THINGS.⠀

And while I was doing ALL the things, I kept praying for only ONE thing – clarity on how I can use my skills and strengths to give back to empowering women.

Finally, after months and months of trying it all – everything came together. I called my husband and said, “I think I figured it out.”

I’m working harder than I ever have friends. I’m developing my plan, I’m super pumped, and I’m BUT, my Faith is so much bigger than my Fear.

Stay tuned — I’ll be unfolding all my plans soon!! Get ready to drink some coffee, support an amazing cause, and make positive changes in your life! (oh and all the books!) Yay 😊 #coffeeattiffanis ⠀

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