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“remember to reach.”

“Remember to reach.” — Cheryl Strayed

When we have big dreams or ideas it can be scary to think you have to attain perfection. The idea of perfection can be paralyzing and keeps most people from trying at all.

I know I experience this all of the time when I have new ideas, especially when I was thinking about writing my book. I had to write the perfect book or what was the point?

I was listening to Oprah Super Soul Conversations Podcast 🎙 and she had the inspiring Author Cheryl Strayed about her Humble Journey to Greatness.

Cheryl talked about her yoga instructor telling her to remember it’s not about the perfect pose, it’s all about reaching for the pose.

It’s not about the perfect book. It’s not about the perfect body, or the perfect business idea. It’s about REACHING. It’s about GROWING.

When we reach for that pose we get better each time. I didn’t write the perfect book, but reaching for that goal inspired me in so many ways, and launched me to where I’m at today.

#remembertoreach I’m with you friends! ❤️

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