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Find a partner that will smile at you while you pretend to drink coffee and challenge yourself to try new things 🙂 ☕️

Having the support from my family has made all the difference in the world in pursing my dreams. They don’t always understand my crazy ideas, but they’ll get up at 8:00 AM on a summer morning and sit outside and smile with me anyway.

I remember a time I was scared to tell my family my ideas out loud. So I would keep them to myself or work on them secretly when no one was watching. Little did I know, if I trusted them enough to tell them what was on my heart, they would be my biggest cheerleaders.

If you have ideas for your life I urge you to trust those who love you with your thoughts. Have the hard conversation! They might not understand at first but keep working on them, and then one day you’ll look up and they’ll all be smiling in your photo shoot. ❤️😊

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