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act the way you want to feel

“Act the way you want to feel.”

I just listened to the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis and Gretchen Rubin and they were talking about Gretchen’s practice of acting how she wants to feel.

Do you want to feel energetic? Then act like you have energy. Do you want to feel friendliness? Then act friendly to everyone around you. Do you want to feel happy? Then act happy.

The more you can outwardly act a certain way, the more you can feel that way on the inside.

For me, I’ve been working on having more energy and being more playful and smiley 😊 I’m working on acting like I have energy by moving my body as much as possible and creating new exercise goals. I’m working on being more playful and smiley by intentionally laughing and telling really bad jokes. Haha! My family gives me a lot of these looks 🤨🙄

Regardless of how you wish to feel, trying acting it out with your body and see if it makes a difference. It really works! How are you going to try this?

I’m with you friends ❤️❤️

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