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changes coming for Pages & Lace

tiffani massa

I started my blog Pages & Lace in October of 2015. It all started because I fell back in love with reading books, and I wanted to share my favorite books with my friends.

I had the brilliant idea of taking beautiful pictures of my favorite books and writing reviews of them on my blog….little did I know at the time that book blogging was already a really BIG thing, lol 🤷🏼‍♀️😁

Over the past four years my blog has grown and changed as I have and has become something else entirely. I’m no longer blogging about my favorite books, or movies, or trends. But instead, sharing my own story to help encourage and empower women just like me.

I have big plans for my writing – including my blog, my books, and even some new products — all of which include ways I can give back to the women’s charities I believe in.

I can’t wait to share this news with you! Stay tuned for some big changes coming in the next couple of months.

I appreciate ALL of your support friends! I can’t grow without you, and I hope to continue to provide value and support to each of you using the gifts God gave me.

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