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what is your plan when you feel discouraged?

feeling discouraged

It’s inevitable… At some point you’re going to feel discouraged in your pursuit of a better life. I feel discouraged at least four times a week! Maybe more!

Someone will say something, or something will happen to me, or I’ll slip up and eat the damn cake…and then boom 💥 I feel discouraged and all of my hard work starts to unravel.

This happens to me so often that I came up with my own plan of attack to bring myself back. Here is my plan:

*I turn on a podcast from any of my mentors. My go to pick me up people are Rachel Hollis, Brendon Burchard,  and Trent Shelton.

*I turn on an audible book by any of my mentors or find a new personal development book to start reading

*I go to bed, drink a smoothie, exercise, and eat a salad (really all these things help!)

*I write a blog post (such as this) or journal the events that made me feel discouraged

*I pray pray and pray some more

It never fails – whatever podcast or book or post from my mentors that I turn on – it’s ALWAYS exactly what I need to hear. It’s as if God is saying — look I hear you and I’m giving you exactly what you need right now.

I’ve had to follow this plan countless times this past year and it always works. So if you’re feeling discouraged in your efforts, don’t stay there for long. Turn on a good podcast, listen to a book, pray, or just take a nap. Have a plan to get yourself back in the right mindset and KEEP GOING. We’ve got this, I’m with you! ❤️😘

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