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not everyone will understand your need for change

tiffani massa

When you start making big changes in your life there are going to be people that don’t support you. Not everyone is going to understand your need for change.

I’ve had to handle my share of eye rolls, and whispers, and questions, and oh c’mon’s. But at the end of the day, when I’m on my death bed, and I think about my life, I want to be able to say I lived it how I wanted to. Not how everyone else expected me to and not to make everyone else comfortable.

I want to rest peacefully that I lived my life making the choices that were best for me. Making the choices that I felt in my heart.

I’m not gonna lie, it hurts when people don’t support you. Often times it can even be very lonely when you feel like you no longer fit in. But don’t worry sweet friend, by being your true self you will find your true people. You will feel good about yourself and your decisions and that’s what matters most. I’m with you. ❤️❤️

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