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don’t make a small problem a big problem

globalize problems

I have a bad habit of taking a small problem and turning it into a global catastrophe…anyone else do this?!

Let me play this out for you…say I write a blog post and no one reads it. Not only that, on the same day I forget to pick up new ballet shoes for my daughter and she’s disappointed…we can agree these are two pretty small problems.

But to me, these small problems start to grow bigger and bigger and turn into something like this…

“I must be a horrible writer. No one likes my blog, I’m not helping anyone, I should never write another blog post again. Also I spend too much time on my blog and it’s making me a bad mom. Such a bad mom that I forgot my daughters shoes, and I’m never there for my kids. So since I’m a bad writer and a bad mom I should just quit everything and not try to do anything ever again. I’m bad at everything I try no matter what it is, and I’m always going to be that way.”

Wow!! 😳 See, those two small problems that were easily fixable become the end of everything I’ve ever done or will ever do.
I learned from Brendon Burchard’s podcast that this is actually a thing – it’s called globalizing your problem and it’s a form of self sabotage. Brendon Burchard says, “We make a little problem a big problem when the reality is, that problem is just temporary. Everything will be fine, you’ll work yourself through it.”

So instead of globalizing my small problems, I’ve been trying to remind myself to isolate the small problem and not lump it into anything bigger. I work out a strategy to solve the small problem and then move on without deciding I need to quit my entire life plan.

It takes effort but I try to stay on track, wait for the small problem to pass, and keep going. So next time you hit a bump in the road, ask yourself if your turning your small problem into a bigger one. Don’t self sabotage and just keep going until it passes. I’m with your friends, we got this! ❤️💪🏻 

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