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I knew I wanted to do better. I knew I wanted to live a better life.

But I had NO IDEA what that meant or how to do it.

For years I struggled with this thought of “doing better.” I thought I needed to be happier. I thought I needed to be healthier, or make more money, or have more friends, or have better clothes, or have a more decorated home, or a better body. I thought I needed to be a better mom, or drive a better car, or take better vacations.

But as I sought out all these versions of “better,” I was becoming more and more and more…lost.

Finally, after quitting all my coping mechanisms, I was able to get down to the real me. The real, unaltered Tiffani who wanted to do better, and I asked her this question, “What do you look like in five years?”

I thought about Tiffani in the future, which is something I had NEVER done before. I was always chasing Tiffani in the present or being mad at Tiffani in the past, that I never thought about what Tiffani in the future looked like.

Once I was able to see that version of Tiffani – I knew immediately what my road-map to my best self looked like. My Tiffani in the future had a healthy body that she took care of. She respected herself and her decisions. She loved herself. She fought for herself. She made time for things that were important to her like writing and helping people. She had full relationships in her life with real connections. She made her faith a priority. She smiled a lot, made jokes, played, and was full of joy.

As I mapped out what future Tiffani looked like, I realized she was better. MY version of better.

I’ve worked hard every day for over a year to become that better version of myself, and now future Tiffani is becoming my present self.

If you’re where I was two years ago, if you want to do better but you have NO IDEA what that looks like, then take a minute and envision your future self in five years, or even ten years. Get down to the REAL YOU, dig deep, and don’t hold anything back. Write down what you see and then create some goals to help get you there.

If you need help, I recommend using the Start Today journal from Rachel Hollis. I use this journal every morning to keep myself on track. Rachel Hollis is an amazing mentor for me and she has been instrumental in my journey.

Your future self isn’t that far away, and I promise she is worth finding. Love you friends!

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