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bouncing back after summer vacay

We just finished vacationing to Seattle, and while we had an absolute blast, I’m anxious to get back to my self care routine.

I have a hard time sticking to my self care routine while I’m away from home. I haven’t yet mastered the whole workout and healthy diet while on vacation yet. I always have the best intentions going in, but once I’m distracted with new foods and new activities, making time to exercise or saying no to desert or bread goes out the window. Even the wine is tempting and I usually give in and drink at least one day on vacation. 

By the time I’m on my way home I feel discouraged and defeated as I’m bloated, five pounds heavier, and detoxing from unhealthy junk food or high sugar from wine. 

However, I’m careful not to let myself start a shame cycle or beat myself up for too long. I remind myself of how far I’ve come and the great new habits I have in place to help me feel my best. 

I love that over the past year I’ve been able to start such a self care regimen, that even though I get off of it while on vacation, its super easy to start back up again the minute I get home. Its exciting to ride home on the plane and think about my morning smoothie, my dance class, my early morning gratitude practice, and my big yummy salads. 

I feel hopeful because I have a plan and a routine to easily get back on track. Even though I may have slipped up for a few days, it’s no reason not to start back up again. It’s no reason to throw out all of my hard work and go back to the unhealthy version of myself I used to be. 

So friends, if you are like me and indulge a little too much on vacay this summer, don’t get upset about it! Think about your goals, your self care habits that you set in place, and make a plan to get back on track when you get home. Get some rest, do the laundry, and start again. Start over as many times as it takes because you’re worth the effort and you’re worth feeling your best!

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